The United States of America has been massively hit by COVID-19 and the current stats are beyond alarming. According to the official updates today (20th April 2020), there are 770,564 confirmed corona virus patients along with 41,114 reported deaths caused up till now. Alarming surge of Corona has made all functional departments, institutions and public places shut down completely. This has also led the shutting down of all educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities without any further notice. This informational piece has been crafted from the information posted on the digital platform of the best dissertation writing help in USA.

The University Of Washington was the first major university to suspend its all classes on March 7th; many universities acted upon the same initiative after their announcement. Across different regions of the states, more than 1100 colleges and universities have been closed down and preferred to move towards online classes. According to the updates on online essay help, major schools including Stanford University in California, New York University, Columbia University, Princeton University in New Jersey were the first ones to close their educational services. Confirming that a particular initiative would be pivotal in limiting the rampant outbreak of corona infected cases; there’s also a major concern of over 14 million students experiencing online education system and its challenges.

There’s a lot that is going on and such immense change was harder to process equally for students, teachers and administration. Although cancellation of classes is undeniably in the favor of students and school staff but it does have challenges to overcome which are faced by everybody. Transfer to the digital platforms in terms of conducting classes and teaching are the whole new experience for the teachers. IT department and the teaching staff are collaborating to overcome the hurdles in order to provide smooth educational experience to all students. IT department and experts are assisting teachers to utilize all available digital platforms and resources to the full potential. Teachers have made tweaks in their yearly planned courses to be more online friendlier and adaptable to technology. Zoom classes, Google Classroom, Edmodo and the usage of other classroom software and teaching apps are currently at the higher lever than ever before.

However, talking about students in general, there’s a whole new dilemma being faced right now. According to the poll conducted on academic help in USA, many students had the same opinion about the first week of their online classes; “it was anything but smooth”. They expressed the reality that it took greater amount of time for them and their respective teachers to get familiar with the new mediums. In the first few days, there were disruptions, greater communication gap, background noises and visible inability to connect to their teachers on the same level as in physical classes. As the time has passed since March and May is about to begin, there’s a positive change in the whole scenario. Teachers have become familiar with the online teaching tools and mediums.

On the contrary, the whole movement of online education and E-learning experiencing is not catering to the particular majority. In this whole accelerated change, what about those who are under-privileged or having no such facilities at all? According to the rough statistics, a number of over million students lack the access to home broadband connection, laptops and other learning gadgets. It is not the fault of students who paid the tuition fees for a complete educational year to face such a dilemma in these times. Having no access to commodities is a big question mark on the E-learning system and its advantages. In addition to that, differentiating time zones are being bothersome for students living in different regions and states to be present on the time o their scheduled classes. Students spread across multiple time zones and those who returned to their countries are managing to wake up in the middle of night to attend their classes. The circumstances altogether are leaving students depressed with high levels of anxiety who are managing to stay educated in these uncertain times for sure.

Considering the emotional affects and mental health, graduating class of this year are also highly affected. With cancellation of graduation ceremonies and after events; they’re trying to comprehend the unforeseen situation and accepting it eventually. In the same regard, interesting activity was observed from the graduating students of University of Michigan; as they captured cap and gown photos on an empty campus one fine day to keep the memories. Graduating class is also dealing with stagnant job market and no new job opportunities being announced for now; the whole unfortunate situation is making them skeptical about their future in terms of employment and financial security.

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