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Since our childhood we dream to become something; some of us wanted to become astronauts or pilots while some of our friends wanted to be an artist. The options were never-ending and just the mere idea that one-day, we’d be more than just our names doing wonders in our fields used to give us a sense of accomplishment.

As the time went by, we became more realistic with our choices in academics and long-term career decisions. Everybody opted for career counseling as it is important to project our career paths on the long-lasting scope and demand. As it is widely an accepted reality that, without a stable career or a high-paying job, we’d end up nowhere in life. With being dropped out of high-school and having no skill-set at hand, a person would just keep struggling endlessly in life. Hence, academics, a college degree or diploma and a defined career line is utmost necessary for all of us to thrive in the United States of America.  Whether a student or an employee planning a career move, it is suggested that you visit a career counselor. In addition to that, following description would be highly helpful for you as it provides the details of in-demand job roles and careers.

The dissertation writing service presents the rankings based upon the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  



It would be a no-brainer to say that our lives are not easy to imagine without software and apps. From the moment we turn off our phone alarm, call a driver to go to work, execute tasks, scroll down the social networking sites, till planning our next day; we are all surrounded by functioning apps and software. They help us to organize, schedule and prioritize our work, important tasks and provide all the digital fun we need.

The creative minds behind software development are the true geniuses as they not only bring out the developed products but keep playing with the codes to present the better versions. Individuals with a software engineering or a diploma in software development get hired conveniently in today’s competitive job market. With a plethora of new tech companies being launched and existing wide-ranging industries recruiting individuals in software development teams, there undoubtedly many job opportunities out there. Online essay help showed a high number of aspiring software developers in the recent poll conducted. Their median salary is reported to be over $130,000 and over 25% of employment growth has been estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for software developers in the upcoming years.


If you have a passion to contribute to the tech world through your skill-set and innovative mind, a career in software development is perfect for you! 


Just hearing the word dentist brings back all the painful memories of molar extraction and scaling sessions, we all have been there several times dreaded by the entire process. However, the job role of the practising dentist is a significantly important one. Being specialized in the wide-ranging areas, they perform complicated jobs from straightening your teeth, filling tooth cavities to performing meticulous oral surgeries. No matter how much we dread the visit to the dentist, they are vigilant in their job roles to provide fitting treatments, suggesting procedures and directing our oral hygiene habits in the right direction.   


Gaining a degree in dentistry is not an easy path to cover but it guarantees a promising career for sure. According to the rough statistics, the dentist makes a median salary of over $150,000. Employment growth of 7.6% has been predicted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics till the year 2028.  


To execute successful strategies and implement planned actions, a set of collected data is required to make decisions. The job role of the statistician is to collect data, proceed with the analysis, perform interpretations and present conclusions. Many are naïve to the fact that Statistics is the burgeoning field having the operational realms in wide-ranging sectors such as environment, weather forecast, AI, public safety and sports.

The interesting part is that, it’s one of the careers which dates back to the 17th century and still being eminently applicable to the various fields in the present times. Fields like a computer, biomedical, genetics and social sciences owe the collaboration of the statisticians widely they play significant roles in the projects. It is to be noted that data scientists are different from the statisticians. Data scientists are fixated upon machine learning, algorithms and software programming. They are responsible for the provision of the logged data and are expected to own the knowhow of the basic statistics.   

Being statistician requires a persistent dedication and uncompromised focus from an individual; however, the contribution in the flourishing field do pay you back. The reported average median salary of the statistician is said to be more than $80,000 and 30.7% employment growth is estimated to be observed in the upcoming years.



For the treatment and examination of our sick pets, we visit the veterinarian of our area. They are qualified individuals to treat animals according to their needs. Their job role includes a physical examination of animals, treating wounds, vaccination and providing prescriptions. In addition to that, there’s a huge variety in the career line, as some of them are specialized to cater farm animals while others perform livestock inspection and there’s more on the list. Indeed, they perform an appreciable job caring for animals and our beloved pet companions.

Veterinarians make a median salary of more than $90,000 and their employment growth has been estimated to increase by 18.4% in the following years.

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