The following article is created and presented by the expert team of our academic writing service, and intended to provide an insight about the current occurrences in the United States of America, relevant to the pandemic surge.

The global pandemic has literally changed the functionalities of systems, institutions, conventional processes and our lives in general. months back, living our pre-pandemic life, none of us thought that the time will come when we’ll miss the liberating feeling of living freely and all of that which we consider as ‘usual’ or ‘normal’. The global pandemic has caused series of consequences that will go down in the history. With numerous people losing their lives, millions battling against the disease, unemployment at its peak, businesses being shuttered down, it feels like we have been living in some alternate universe where everything has turned into utter appalling scenario. While finalizing our plans for the new year and having the zealous celebrations, we never imagined that our lives are going to experience the massive change within the time period of the few months. From scholarship plans going down, planned tours getting cancelled, to seeing millions of people losing their lives have made all of us to reassess our own lives and accept its vulnerability against the inevitable.  

The pandemic of coronavirus or COVID-19 had its initial surge in the country of China, Wuhan in the months of November – December. The world was drawn towards the horrendous highlight from the country where naïve citizens were vulnerable against the rampant disease. Media platforms covered the number of deaths, exponentially rising cases of the positive coronavirus and robust plan of action implemented by the acting government of China in response to Coronavirus. From the research performed by the team of the content writing agency, it was uncovered that within the months of December to February, the global pandemic reached more than 200 countries and caused colossal number of causalities collectively. The world has observed a transformational shift and our lives have taken 180 degrees turn. Unnecessary travel has been banned in many countries, tourism industry is down and people are urged to remain in quarantine for consecutive 14 days if they have travelled from abroad. Most of the population is housebound, and anticipating for things to get back to normal. It has been continuously advised to the citizens to maintain social distancing, quarantine measures and carry facemasks in public. 


In the United States of America, according to the present statistical data the number of positive coronavirus cases have reached up to the colossal figure of 3.52 Million, along with 138K deaths and over 1 Million being completely recovered from the virus. It has been a national emergency in the country and authorities are depicting highest sense of responsibility about the matter. Despite of the immediate plan of action launched in response to the virus, instant implementation of regulations and strategic approach from the government, the pandemic surge has been rampant in the country. Over the past few months, the country observed extended period of lockdown, regulation of curfews and massive testing drives in the country. Authorities, functional departments and higher personnel have been monitoring the occurring situation in all the states and have been coming up with strategies to implement accordingly. A large majority in the United States of America have gone jobless, struggling to pay rent and thriving on their old savings presently. Students are reconsidering their decision to go back to their alma mater – universities mostly – and are burdened by the compliance to pay their tuition fees. Citizens are urged to stay inside their homes and carry masks when they’re commuting or in public. Let’s take a deeper insight about the current situation in different states in America at the moment.

Few weeks back the states were set to an alarming situation when in a single day, more than 40,000 cases were reported in the country. But speaking about the current matters, the number of cases being reported each day has become record-breaking appallingly. Last Thursday, according to the data garnered from The Washington Post, it has been uncovered that over 70,000 cases have been reported in a single day in the states. In addition to the statement of these significant facts, the highest number of cases have been reported in South California, Texas and Florida on Thursday.  The commanding authorities in the region of the Sun Belt are insinuating that hospitals and the healthcare facilities may observe the breaking point sooner. In the state of California, many patients are being shipped 600 miles away, because it’s not being possible to care for them locally by the on-duty doctors and physicians. In the state of Florida, new group of nurses are taking over their duties in the hospitals providing an adequate relied to the exhausted medical staff. While acting mayors in the Texas have been appealing for the right to shut down cities to limit the increasing number of patients in the hospitals. Associate medical director of the emergency department at the Tampa General Hospital, Jason Wilson summed up the situation saying you can’t withstand consequences of the disaster every single day.    

While researching for this article, our team experts of content writing company came across the recent significant developments, along with new set of regulations in different states. In more than half of the states in the US, wearing masks have become mandatory, while Arkansas and Colorado are new to receive the obligatory orders for the citizens. CVS, Target have joined Walmart and other retailers in the series, to issue regulations for the customers to wear face masks while shopping. 

It has been coherently suggested by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, that regions and states who are hard-hit by the pandemic surge, must implement robust health measures and rules for all. Amid all measures and the implemented strategies to curb the virus in the regions, there has been a hint towards cyber hacking of a greater extent as well. In United States, Britain and Canada, the security officials are insinuating that hackers from Russian Intelligence agencies are trying to get their hands on the ongoing research being conducted on the coronavirus vaccines. In addition to that, there has been an eminent event of Opening Day approaching and there are chances that it might not get hosted due to the regulated restrictions in the district. Lastly, in conclusion to the situation of the restrictions in district, many upcoming planned events might end up getting cancelled.

Our online content writing site further wants to highlight that, despite of having the record-breaking and alarming number of cases in the country, the state of Arizona is looking forward to arrange in-person bar exam at the end of this month – July. In the Phoenix Convention Center, around 200 individuals will take an exam for two days consecutively. It has been clarified by the authorities in charge that, wearing masks and recording temperatures will be mandatory in the exam hall vicinity. The practices of the social distancing will be ensured in the examination time by every way possible, however the lawmakers have been granting this act as the dangerous one. In addition to the high chances of the bar exams being held in Arizona, in the other states such as Alabama, Montana, Arkansas and North Carolina are also planning to hold the bar exams in the similar context. While the states of Florida, California, Maryland and Pennsylvania will arrange the bar exam online. Lastly, in conclusion to the facts stated above, many students are left with no choice but to sign up for July exams, as planning to appear in the online exams in October will delay their jobs and the respective arrangements.    


Meanwhile educational institutions have been closed until the further notice throughout the states in the country. Many foreign students have retuned to their native lands as they were struggling to afford a living without a job and actual support from anywhere. Helpless and being dejected, they decided to leave their degrees incomplete and returned to their homelands. While students who are first-generation Americans are also enduring the hard circumstances to make both ends meet, as most of them recently lost their jobs, and are finding it hard to submit their tuition fees on time. The students who graduated this year are highly skeptical of their future stability in terms of getting a job, and building a career. With facing downfall in economy, job sector and having no options to fall back on, they’re questioning the years of effort they put in education to actually end up in the stranded situation like this. This actively illustrates that how much educational system is flawed in the super-power country, and the issue has never been surfaced before. It is indeed the pandemic surge that has exposed the incompetent systems taking advantage of the naïve students who graduate with enormous student loan, and earn more than half of their lives to repay their debt. Many students at the moment are reconsidering their decision to enroll in the next semester to continue their education; analyzing the critical job market and lack of surety, they are left with no choice.

And not to forget the whole WFH (work from home) is getting dizzyingly crazy now. I’d like to mention the recent Advertisement of the Apple’s marketing campaign, that visualized what WFH is actually like for the commoners working amid the global pandemic. Undeniably I’m enamored and moved how correctly it visualized the daily struggle, incessant engagement, unending work load and bad leadership in all true nuances. The irony makes me laugh and cry at the same time – isn’t the unorthodox demeanor same for every individual working from home? People who adapted to this transformational shift are enduring every day to make things work, there’s inadequate and lacking leadership – a common norm – which makes you want to bang your head against the wall, additional duties, blurred out boundaries between work and home life and the sheer feeling making you want to be back at your office desk. According to the general survey conducted through different sources, employees have been experiencing increased level of depression and anxiety due to working increased number of hours and being overburdened by the employers. Despite of the acknowledgement that WFH isn’t easier at so many levels, employers are demanding the same level of productivity and efficiency from their employees. This actively illustrates the demeanor of employees not to lack from any aspect in their job roles; because a slight irresponsibility can cause unpleasant results which need to be avoided at all costs in the critical times. Many people have experienced the pay-cut and now are partially depending upon their savings to make their living along with raise a family. While huge majority of millennials have shown their interest wanting to go back to their workplaces as soon as possible. There are number of paired reasoning behind the intention. Loneliness, missing in-person communication, wanting to daily commute and seeing their friends at work are some of the reasons. This actively illustrates the fixation that our work and jobs are the major parts of our lives, and ultimately necessary for making a living and remaining sane.

The global pandemic has shaped our lives, systems and functions in a whole different paradigm. The events, colossal changes and the actions will go down in the history. It’s truly the dedication of the front-line healthcare workers of the 1st world nation that million lives have been saved, as they’re fearlessly battling against the pandemic protecting the nation. Citizens are highly grateful and appreciate their massive services in every manner possible. As a nation, Americans are standing strong in this battle and are hoping for things to get back to normal once again!

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