The following article will present a comprehensive discussion over the pandemic situation and its relevant effects in The United States of America; focus would be on economic situation and commoners losing their jobs. This informational piece has been inspired from the essay published on the website of the best dissertation writing help in USA.

Positive COVID cases have surpassed 1 million in USA according to the official resources and are predicted to increase further in upcoming days. The present unprecedented times are causing circumstances to be pivotal in terms of domestic life, education, industrial operations and sustainability of employment. Life has become stagnant; people are strictly advised to avoid unnecessary commute and to stay quarantined in their houses until further notice. Strict rules have been regulated to control the rampant outbreak and spread of virus amongst people. Social distancing is being practiced in every functioning institute, meanwhile companies have shifted towards work from home and online classes have been conducted for the continuity of education. All travel operations have been limited and people are advised to postpone their commute until the situation gets completely under control.



The present chaotic situation of pandemic has hit the economy of States and the impact is horrendous. Latest updates and data present on the online essay help show about 26.4 million have gone jobless amid Corona since March. It has been reported in the last week that around 4.4 million individuals filed for unemployment benefit application and the numbers are predicted to rise further. Filing of unemployment claims have been reported in all 50 states of US with the gigantic numbers in Pennsylvania (over 362,012), Ohio (over 189,263) and Massachusetts (over 141,003). The lay-offs have been observed massively in all major sectors including retail, travel, food chain, construction and manufacturing etc. It is estimated that over 15% of the US workforce is facing the dilemma of being unemployed in the ongoing surge. In addition to that many are dealing with their pay-cut and fears what unexpected unfolds for them next

As US sees a major economic setback and millions of people losing their jobs, unemployment offices are incompetent in dealing with massive number of filed claims made in the short course of time.Due to overload of responses, there are reports of websites of being crashed along with phone lines not functioning.With the ongoing disrupted situation, the total number of claims are unclear as they’re passed unreported. 


. The nerve-wrecking situation is leaving citizens anxious and highly depressed wondering what is lined up next. With having zero control over future events and economy falling apart, people are running out of their savings and are questioning their rights.

From the news published on the site of academic help in USA International Monetary Fund states that economy would contract by 5.9% or more this year. Getting unemployed or facing pay-cut have hit around 43% of households all across USA, and people are defected about the situation settling any soon. However, the US government have been implementing robust plan of action along with responding to crisis with a relief program of over $2 trillion to cater unemployed individuals and households with lower incomes. It has been reported that round 16 million US citizens have been facilitated in this regard however many are struggling to proceed with their application process. 


Miserable economic setback and following lay-offs have made to protest for their due rights. Citizens are filing complaints and holding protests to raise their voice against legalized discrimination. Reopening of businesses have still not been decided yet but President Donald Trump is also in favor to fuel the stagnant economic condition of all states.

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