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The start of the new decade has unfolded many unprecedent events for all of us collectively. The rampant surge of the global pandemic has turned our lives a complete 180 degrees. Welcoming the new year no one thought that we’re actually towards a massive pivotal shift of generations. The impact of COVID-19 has not left an institution or a life unaffected in any manner. Most of the population in countries is still housebound, functional institutions are closed and businesses have come to halt. Indeed, the lethal spell of coronavirus has made a human life absolutely vulnerable.

Living a current unimaginable lifestyle and being completely unsure of what the future hold for us; it’s easy to fall into a slump. Speaking from the perspective that the present times of crisis have led to a nerve-wrecking conditions, only way to help ourselves is to adopt healthy habits and seek professional counseling. Having an optimistic mindset and following set of adequate healthy habits will not only sustain our mental stability, but would help us to reach out to our loved ones in a better way. Self-care, maintaining a routine and reflecting on our thoughts can help us in a long run for sure.

Following habits can improve your present lifestyle and increase your positive energy to bigger levels.



Starting your day with a session of meditation will keep you energized for the rest of your day. Meditation everyday for few minutes eliminate your negative energies and detoxify your thoughts to the maximum. By sticking to your meditating routine, you increase your power to fixate, daily productivity and energies to higher levels. Following a routine of meditation in the morning makes you more clear-headed, focused and enhance your optimism. To relax your mind and body, meditation is highly recommended by the experts as well. In the present times of crisis, meditation is the best solution to reduce your anxiety levels and clutter in your mind.


Working and studying from home, not heading out for weeks and missing our normal routines are making individuals depressed everywhere. It feels like an unending wait till the life gets back to normal. There’s no cap in stating that we all barely followed any routine when the lockdown started, sleeping in the late morning hours was the new normal. However, the disturbed sleeping patterns, messed-up eating habits and not taking ourselves will do nothing but create more spoilage. In order to avoid our lethargy and nonseriousness, it is important if we stick to our gym routines at home; or at least try to compensate for it by different means. You can pull off your cardio routine at home, can totally go out for a walk or run and cycling as well. Trust me, starting your workout routine once again at home will make you feel like a whole new person. Your body will be more toned and you’ll feel more energized every day.


There’s no comparison to the enlightening, warm feeling you get after learning a new concept or receiving a new knowledge. Educating yourself on the topics of your interests will provide you with the sense of accomplishment and will increase your acquired information. Remember that language you want to learn but never got a leisure to do it? It’s your time to do now. That book which is shelved for God knows how many months now, take it out and start your reading from today. Just starting from today will make you feel better, refreshed and will provide you the needed escape from the present chaotic times.


We all have some underrated skill that we never get a chance to properly hone in our lives. Be it arts, cooking, writing, makeup or public speaking; the list is unending. Fix some time in your daily life to invest in your interested skill. Developing a skill of your choice will help you to have an enhanced self-belief about yourself. Learning, developing and going forward in a journey gives you an irreplaceable joy and sense of achievement. A renown content writing company has reported that many individuals are willing to work for them as they have got the extra time in their hands.



Times are hard, indeed nerve-wrecking to be honest and feeling depressed is inevitable. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and helpless, please seek out to counseling and professional help without any second thoughts. Receiving a professional therapy session can help you, please do not delay it! The very same responsibility relies on you to check on your friends and family. Take care of your loved ones, speak to them, see their beautiful faces in video calls. Try to maintain your contact and if you feel somebody is falling behind and is out of the scene, reach out to them, help them! Today and tomorrow, the responsibility lies on us to take a good care of our loved ones.  

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