K-pop (Korean pop) is a genre of popular music that has originated from South Korea. The Essay Writing Service has figured out that k-pop is influenced by the styles and genres around the world and has absorbed multiculturalism in its music to appeal to everyone. The fact has caused them to influence the US market too with its strategies. The earliest K-pop groups, Seo Taiji and Boys formed modern music by adopting foreign musical elements in 1992. This helped them to reshape South Korea’s music.

K-pop progressed worldwide just after making its place in the hearts of Americans. Filled with bright flashing lights, sparkling eyes, alluring smile, well-coordinated outfits, and synchronizing moves, K-pop completely attaches the audience with itself. Everyone, who is present physically or virtually do vibe with elite music


It has especially influenced American music culture by becoming one of the most popular foreign music genres of pop in the United States with the new introduction of groups like BTS that is gaining fans day by day. The actual flourishing of K-pop started when BoA, Wonder Girls, and Shinee became the first K-pop stars to chart on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 in 2009. They portrayed one of the fastest-growing music trends of this generation. Even Obama, the ex-president of US acknowledged “Shinee” for the fact that people started learning Korean because them. The song “Gangnam Style” that went viral in 2012, blew away the hearts of Americans with its dance moves and catchy tunes.The collaborations include  BTS’ “Mic Drop (Remix)” with Steve Aoki and Desiigner, its first RIAA-certified platinum single, and Blackpink and Dua Lipa’s “Kiss and Make Up,” which broke into the Hot 100 in 2018. SM Entertainment USA manages K-pop acts including girl group Red Velvet and boy band NCT 127, both of whom have booked North American tours in 2019.  and they started adoring K-pop which was reflected by the people dancing, singing, and making parody videos on it online.

The other thing is that K-pop’s western-style integrated well with the American music style and its combination left a huge influence in the US market.


K-pop’s influence in the US market can be seen by the achievements and many awards winning events of K-pop bands such as last year, BTS won Top Social Artist at the American Music Awards and many other multiple awards. This was the first time that a Korean band has won at such a huge platform. The victory reflects the influence of k-pop in America and internationally. Another achievement that shows the influence of K-pop is they are on the top 10 of the Billboard 200 and have also appeared on Hot 100 in 2017 for being the highest-charting K-pop group. They also performed and visited major shows such as “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live! That exposed K-pop to millions of Americans. More current top acts, such as Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, Mamamoo, and TWICE, continued both in Korea and beyond after proving their worth with hits in recent years. They are more likely to visit the United States and work hard there to spread the k-pop industry



Having a big fan following in the US, k-pop leaves a huge impact on them. For Example, they chose to leave a positive influence on Americans as well as America’s celebrities to involve in the cause for the betterment of the world. By collaborating with UNICEF and launching a campaign named “Love Yourself” that helped a lot of people to fight depression and love themselves again. The fact highly motivated the US market to come up with something positive like this.

The practical application of this positive influence is that last year, a talented star of US, Taylor Swift has launched her album “Lover” that promotes your uniqueness, normalizes homosexuality and states the fact that you deserve the world.


Besides Music, K-pop has also set the trend to indulge themselves in the social causes by using their stardom. The k-pop band EXO has persuaded the public to donate a large amount of money to UNICEF. Similarly, many American artists are using their fame to promote causes, such as Taylor Swift’s donations to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and One Direction’s support for “Stand Up for Cancer.”


In k-pop, mostly bands are formed such as Big Bang, Super Juniors, and Infinite. Instead of the solo artists that help to reflect each aspect of the music at its full strength, the dancer keeps up with the dance moves along the audience, the vocalist influence people with its soulful voice, and the guitarist is inserting fruitfulness in the music. This strategy also provoked American Artists to collaborate and play in the form of groups and bands. But this fact of forming bands does not make the soloists bad in any sense. Instead, they also possess wholesomeness in their music. For example, soloists as IU, Sunmi, Ailee, and Hyuna etc.



The eye-catching and intriguing dance performances and synchronizing moves in the music videos gather a huge number of public on a digital platform and enjoy. For Example, the way CNBLUE, 2PM, and Stray Kids do. So this was a total k-pop thing earlier but it influenced many American artists which resulted in the creation of more engaging videos in the American music genre.


The k-pop industry has also influenced the beauty and fashion standards in the United States. Looks and styling matter a lot in this industry and the k-pop knows well that how to get along with it. For example, Just look at Tomorrow X Together, Cosmic Girls, and Day 6. Although, America already has diversified form of fashion sense that includes every body type, skin color, and other racial diversity k-pop has also added the trend of thin bodies, colorful hair, same heights, and small faces which left a great influence in the US market.

Why the audience is drawn towards this music genre despite the language barrier?

Language has never been the requisite in the first place. The essentials of the music include its beats, catchy tunes, and the melody. This human behavior is justified by the nature of infants that they are unable to comprehend language at an early age yet they are dancing to the beats of the song. The subtle factors include the vibes of the artist and their sense of pulling off fashion which attracts the public towards them. As soon as the public starts to adore the artists then they are ultimately attracted to their music as well no matter whatever the language is. For example, Justin Bieber who belongs to the American music genre has a huge number of people under his influence. So when he sang Despacito, a Spanish song, people loved it a lot and danced to its beats despite the language barrier. When things come to multiculturalism, then the language barrier is eliminated or neglected subconsciously. The language barrier is too weak to block the dance, visuals, beats, tempo, and the flow in music that every fan enjoys a lot.

The k-pop has not boxed itself into the Korean language. Instead, they feature English, Japanese along with Korean in their songs too. This helps to pick the fans around the globe. Moreover, it’s an internet era so finding translation to your favorite song is not a big deal and people do surf the internet for the translations to feel songs, relatable to their situation


The k-pop industry has gained massive fame around the globe so for business; approaching or collaborating with this industry is not a bad idea. America is doing the same to generate handsome revenue in its music industry. Entertainment companies of South Korea are also offering distinctive business strategies around the world to widen their market share so it’s a win-win situation on both ends.


Overall, the Korean pop industry has had a very important influence on American culture today, not only affecting the music genres but also impacting the variety of languages and food.

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