This article will provide an insight about the current situation in US amid Corona Virus, online education system and associated dissertation writing help. Ongoing surge of COVID-19 has taken United States of America by storm. Each day, reported cases have been increasing at an alarming rate and according to the confirmed resources country’s death toll has exceeded the reported number of causalities that occurred in China due to Corona Virus. And the bar is increasing with hundreds of people dying every day. New York, California and Washington State are the hardest hit regions in America.

As general public has the right to know all the relevant data of reported positive cases, number of deaths and cured patients, correct figures are being published on news channels and online digital platforms. From the recent data analysis, it is stated that 468,895 Coronavirus cases have been reported up till now, along with 16,697 deaths and 25,928 patients being cured after treatment.  


As the number of deaths has been increasing, there’s a shortage of ventilators in quarantine centers and hospitals. Strict measures have been taken against people who aren’t staying home and commoners are urged to wear face coverings/masks. To enhance the number of Coronavirus testing and emergency centers, convention centers are converted into makeshift medical areas. In some states, release of prisoners has been occurred to limit the spread of virus. State wide stay-at-home orders have been released from acting Governors in South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Utah, Nebraska and Wyoming.  

With the increased death toll, there’s a drastic change in the life all over the country. Shopping malls, public centers, arenas, bars and restaurants are shut down. Course of the pandemic has impacted all educational sectors as schools are closed for 20 weeks and are expected to prolong the closure.

All forthcoming events of domestic and international levels have been postponed without further notice. States have made it compulsory for foreign comers to self-quarantine themselves. It is predicted that halt to public life would last months as pandemic persists in the regions. With the current situation, there’s a rise in online help in terms of therapy, counseling, remote working and education system. Therapists and counselors are continuing their practice checking their clients through web or phone as Corona surge is leaving people feeling helpless, depressed and anxious more than ever

In a drastic movement, US colleges and universities have cancelled ongoing regular classes and are moved to online teaching amid COVID-19 surge. All in-person classes were suspended when Corona outbreak intensified in major regions of States, in order to restrict the rampant spread scale. Majorly, all universities and colleges in California, New York and Washington have been shut down.


But the execution of online teaching and education has raised many skeptical variables. Teaching staff lack competency and experience to teach online along with facing trouble in using online mediums. They can not supervise all students present in class. Although IT department and teaching staff are collaborating to solve the issues and trying to minimize obstructions.

However, a different dimension of problems is faced by students. It is an unavoidable concern that major group of students lack access to sufficient technology. That includes a good broadband connection, the correct hardware or updated gadgets to support online learning. According to the confirmed resources, number of students exceed million figures in United States who do not own home laptops and broadband connection. That also includes majority of students of color who are less privileged and unable to afford all resources to study online. In addition to that, students who have returned their home countries are facing an issue of different time zones. Some are trying to cope with waking up at middle of night to attend their zoom classes and are turning towards academic writing services online for the completion of assignments. There’s huge communication gap between students and teachers and there are no strategies applicable to bridge them. Situation is not in the favor of students along with the declared statement that there are chances that university finals may occur online. Students are not succumbing to the fiasco of online education system and are filing paired complaints against it. Recent petition has been signed by students to refund their paid semester fees.

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