The article is presented by the Academics Writing Service and caters to the viewers of the popular streaming platform, Netflix. It provides narrative insight about the trending series in the United States of America this year. So, planning to binge watch some shows? You’re at the right place.


The popular teen drama is relatable to masses as the story revolves around the first-generation American teenager with Indian roots. Devi Vishwakumar decides to take the complete hold on her life, having the mere desires to be wanted and become popular at school. It’s the interesting drama having the complete balance depicting the teenage dreams and cultural norms that collide in many aspects. It has got the drama, close-to-reality characters and interesting storyline that’ll keep your attention till the end of every episode. Want to watch something light and fun? “Never Have I Ever” is your series to watch!


Series has the individual stories in each episode and images the modern and smart technology taking over human lives in the near-future. The thoughtful series will leave you with a food-for-thought and making you skeptical about the close domination of technology and along with our competency to cope. Unexpected plot-twists and turns in the storyline will leave you awestruck at the end of each episode. 



The story is about the Crain family and their terrifying old mansion residency, which they flee one night due to terrifying events, leaving the mother (Olivia) behind. The next day, news spreads like a wild fire that Olivia committed suicide in the mansion being alone. The reason for such an act remains unknown, while over the years Crane children deal with the traumatic experience, they had at the mansion in their early childhood years. After many years have passed, an occurrence of the certain incident brings the Crane family back at the ghostly mansion once again. The story is about the characters dealing with the dark past, experiencing chillingly terrifying events and their psychological problems collectively.  The episodes are broken down into the perfect storytelling having cliffhangers, intense scares and the tension build-up. If you’re into scary content, this one’s definitely for you! 


Showing the setting of the post-years of the World War, the series is based upon the crime world of that era along with families leading it. It takes you back in the time, when the protagonist Tommy Shelby returns from the war and sets up the strategy to enhance his family domination in the crime world. The story unfolds in an interesting way when they had to face the robust opposition of the British government and domineering crime families. Having the beautiful cinematography and depicting the true archaic feel, show is aesthetically pleasing to watch. 



The protagonist named Walter White – a Chemistry teacher at high school unexpectedly gets diagnosed with the lung cancer; that too of the last stage. Being dejected and skeptical about everything, he decides to form the financial and social security of his beloved family through producing and dealing premium blue meth. Teaming up with the former student, he finalizes the plan and settles to execute it, no matter what consequences are faced in the process. Showing moral issues, grey areas of the characters and dark world of the drugs, the series is a treat to watch. Online Assignment Help reports that, the show is highly addicting and quite popular in the viewers of diverse age groups equally. 


The show revolves around the real-life events and the depiction of how the longest-reigning monarch of The Great Britain actually began. Storytelling covers all the pristine moments of the life of Queen Elizabeth; such as her marriage to Prince Philip on the year of 1947, taking over the throne till the events of the present era. The show has a colossal viewership all over the world, as the Queen is the head of one of the most powerful monarchy in the world. The feel of the show also caters the light intimate side depicting the relationships of the Queen on a personal level and her duties as the reigning head of the kingdom. 


If you have liked watching the series ‘Downtown Abbey’, then you’d definitely enjoy ‘The Crown’. 


Having the sci-fi concept, the show is immensely popular at the moment. In the pilot episode it is seen that scientist is running for his life, but some unseen creature nabs him in the elevator. The next scene shows the main characters playing board games in the home’s basement; and these characters remain persistent throughout the following seasons. The show has great 80’s feel and depiction of the mysterious events happening in the town. The group of kids come across the life-changing mysterious events and their friendship evolves with time. Viewers get enamored by splendid direction, acting of young characters and interesting storytelling. 



The series is sheerly wild, filled with mayhem and craziness; and it deals with the genre of the “true wild crime”.  

Most of the viewers haven’t come across such a content genre before, many have been watching it for the first time and totally loving it. The story begins with the zealous director Eric Goode who surprisingly gets into the place of a big cat owners, while making the films about the snake dealer in the region. As the story unfolds further, Director finds out that a person, ‘Tiger King’ – Joe Exotic has the massive tiger zoo under his name, and has been charged due to putting a hit on an individual, who’s animal rights activist. The story is thrilling drama along with being interestingly wild; each episode is a treat to watch! 



The series initiates when the Detective Stella Gibson arrives in Belfast, Northern Islands; as there have been multiple murders being reported in the region in a short span of time. The character committing murder is a professional therapist and family man, and whose dark and horrendous acts remain hidden from the sight of everyone around him. The identity of the murderer is revealed in the early timeline, so the story revolves around the lives of the major characters as they’re uncertain what future exactly has in store for them. An empowered woman detective story to be exact and worth the time of viewers.



Some stories leave their lifetime impact and ’13 Reasons Why’ is surely one of them. In the season, story starts with the main character Hannah Baker as she moves into a new high school ‘Liberty High’ and struggles in adapting to the environment. Being bullied, backstabbed by close friends and finding herself misfit everywhere, her endurance to every circumstance pushes her to committing suicide. The show fixates upon the important topics such as rape, drugs, suicide and prevailing depression in the teenagers. Highlighting the issues that need to surfaced and acknowledged, the writers and producers of the show did an excellent show in bringing such subjects on the biggest streaming platform. The story takes many turns in the following seasons along with shift in character development. 

Our assignment services also report that the show observed the gigantic viewership of its series finale all across the world recently on June 5th. 

Planning to binge watch a Netflix series? Pick one from the above and enjoy your weekend!


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